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Family Medicine

We offer care to the family in a way that makes health a family pride.

Managing families through illness and health is our responsibility and doing so at different stages of their development is a pleasure to us. In our care are families, spanning two or more generations.

Family Medicine In County Hospital


We know how you feel about SURGICAL THEATRE, though, surgery can be life-saving.

Hence, we have made it the safest place, with the best hands and state-of-the-art theatre suite. Our friendly and spacious hospital environment makes your recovery fast and comforting.

Surgery In County Hospital

Women Care

Women hold a central place in the family. This is why we care so much for them.

Whatever the stage you are in: a woman with no baby yet, planning to have a baby, pregnant or nurturing a baby, our obstetrics and gynaecology team is made up of experienced and compassionate hands.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology In County Hospital

Child Care

Let's talk about kids: the cough, running nose, fever and night cries.

Our 24/7 manned hospital has been helping families to give quality health care to their children for over 4 decades. Now, some of them bring their kids for the same quality care. What a legacy!

Paediatrics In County Hospital

Laboratory Services

County Hospital offers in-house laboratory tests.

Our laboratory services are prompt and this enables you and our medical team to make timely decisions on your health.

Laboratory Service In County Hospital

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